CleanTec – Machines with hygienic design

The CleanTec label describes another step of the WP CleanTec philosophy: the automation of dough production with connected cleaning, increased use of water and innovative component packages which are specially designed for increasing hygiene standards. “Especially in the process of cleaning, we put high emphasis on the transfer of knowledge. How a machine is correctly and time effectively cleaned according to hygienic standards can be taught through descriptive films and instruction material which we supply”, says Henk Snellink, CEO of WP Haton.

The basic idea behind the WP CleanTec concept is: dirt should not occur. If it cannot be avoided, it has to be visible and easy to remove.

Because contamination occurs through all steps of the bakery production, it is necessary to take an integrated approach like “think process” in order to guarantee a high standard of quality. From planning of building- and infrastructure to the processing of dough or the choice of the right cleaning material up to the logistics, the WP BAKERYGROUP - together with qualified partners - supports the baker in all areas.