GreenEnergy – minimal Energy, maximal Efficiency

Bakeries belong to the most energy intensive businesses in the artisan field. The operation of ovens, cooling devices and numerous electrical devices easily cause costs of 5 percent and more of the total revenue.

The ovens have the highest amount of energy consumption with 50 to 70 percent. The WP BAKERYGROUP developed systems which save and use energy more efficient. The Matador oven with its Zyklotherm heating system is a good example because it needs up to 30 percent less energy than comparable ovens. The energy balance of the WP Pellador ovens convinces with the CO²-neutral burning of naturally finished wood pellets.

“Ovens, which are marked with our GreenEnergy label, save money for the baker. Energy which has been produced once, should not just vanish but can be used for further operation”, says Ulrich Hirsch, Product Manager Ovens.