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Turnkey systems and sophisticated production processes for the baking industry

Turnkey solutions

For the perfect overall process

High performance mixers and mixing systems

WP Kemper mixing systems are customized to meet the product and process requirements of industrial bakery production.


Robust & powerful

Dough dividers & round-moulding machines

Automatic dividing and round-moulding at the highest level: stress-free and with maximum weight accuracy.

Dividing & moulding

Perfect moulding results – day after day

Bread roll systems

Flexible systems for variety and economic efficiency in the production of small bakery items.

Bread roll systems

Variety & economic efficiency

The latest


Producing 1.350 kg wheat soft dough bread with the PANE PUR #kemperartisan #panepur #softdough #artisanbread #flourinsteadofoil #gentletothedough #doughstripline #wekemperit


ROTOTHERM Green Heavy Duty - now also electrically heated

Whether oil, gas or electricity: The ROTOTHERM Green Heavy Duty now covers every type of heating in an energy-saving manner. With the ROTOTHERM Green, the hot air is directed over the entire nozzle wall onto the baked goods. As a result, the same good baking results are achieved at every point of the baking trolley or several baking trolleys. The optimized air flow brings more energy into the dough pieces, shortens the baking time and makes the baked goods particularly juicy.


Chat with us! Helpdesk WP Haton now also accessible via WhatsApp

To be able to serve our customers even better, there is now also the possibility to contact the WP Haton Helpdesk via WhatsApp. This can be done by sending a WhatsApp message to our general WP Haton number +31773071860. The Helpdesk can be reached during Dutch office hours.


WP BakeryControl –
Safe. Better. Digital.

Digitization offers so many opportunities – and it’s so easy to get started! Monitor production, optimize processes and analyze the availability of resources with WP BakeryControl.


Real wood-fired bread from the PELLADOR

Once a traditional method, now a special feature: bread from the wood oven, directly fired with wood pellets.The open flame enriches the baked goods with the typical wood oven flavor.


Industrial Soft Bun Systems

Mono-lines for the production of hot dog buns or hamburger buns or multi-lines for all types of soft rolls #wproll #ontheroll #highperformance #accurateweight #accuratesize #evolutionrollline #industrialbakery #turnkeysolutions #wekemperit #wpbakerygroup



Turnkey Solutions


WP CONNECT: digital monitoring of bakery equipment

Reliable product safety thanks to real-time monitoring. WP CONNECT, the digitally based monitoring system uses hundreds of data points to permanently diagnose the condition, and thus the functionality, of the machine.


WP BakeryControl: Centralized data control in bakeries

WP BakeryControl is the repository and controller of all your baking data. The app allows storage, display and export of oven, recipe and production data. Installation via plug&play is child’s play, and the software can run on your mobile devices at any time.



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