Industrial vacuum cooling

Fully automatic loading and automation system for various system architectures with integrated vacuum cooling.

WP Cooling

Industrial pizza production

We designed an entire line for the production of pizza in the classic Italian tradition. In the production process we thus achieve maximum quality with extended dough resting times.

WP Pizza

Industrial Donut Production

Donuts, ball donuts or both? Fully automatic systems from mixing till freezing. Everything from a single source.

WP Donut

Industrial Roll Production

Product variety, artisan quality, precise processing or high capacity? We offer the right solution for every demand.

WP Roll

Industrial Mixing Systems

Kemper is mixing. An ideally balanced workflow, best dough quality and flexible applications recommend our mixers.

Kemper Mixing

Industrial Toast Production

Outstanding toast made with industrial efficiency.

WP Toast

Hamburger rolls and Hamburger buns

Streaming available

36,000 pcs. hamburger Bun Line Online Seminar