Smart Control – easy and standardized operation for WP machines

The SmartControl label describes the standardized and easy handling of WP machines. Innovations as the further development of the Navigo control, the operation software Oven Control and the INUS control for roll lines are marked with the SmartControl label.

“Corresponding to the claim “think process”, the WP BAKERYGROUP looks at every single step of the baking goods production, as well as the operation of production lines, as an integrated process. Standardized user interfaces for an increasing number of machines are the distinguishing mark of the new WP operation philosophy”, says Adrian van Dillen, Technical Managing Director at WP Kemper. Large production ovens, roll lines, cooling devices or – since the Internorga exhibition 2012 – also instore ovens:

Customers can find the same touchscreens with identical pictograms, colors and menus at the WP machines. In the area of front baking, a new method of customer approach is possible: “The touchscreens of the instore ovens are twice the size as before and also from a larger distance easily visible for customers. Therefore, the screens are perfect for Point of Sale advertising. That means:

the customer’s attention can be drawn to special instore sales promotions via the touchscreens in the oven. This is a completely new way that the WP BAKERYGROUP has gone here, explains Ansgar von Garrel, Manager Marketing Communication.