Minimal effort, maximum impact

It holds true for the pre-Christmas period also: a wide, diversified assortment increases sales. Upgrade your bread rolls, for example, with winterly stamping motifs. Or attract new customer groups with stollen confectionery. Even those who find an entire stollen too big, will gladly have one or two of the bite-sized pieces.

Snowflakes, stars and many other motifs provide beautiful, clearly recognizable patterns on smooth bread rolls from wheat and mixed wheat dough with good crust break. Irrespective of whether you stamp in the cup or on the belt, we produce all the motifs you desire for every stamping station of the WP Kemper bread roll systems EVOLUTION, PANE, QUADRO FILIUS and MINI QUADRO ROUND. The stamps are delivered as a finished tool, which can be easily inserted with only a few turns of the hand.

We also produce manual stamps with different motives for smaller production batches. The manual stamps are 3D-printed professionally, and delivered within a few days.

Stollen confectionery is a valid alternative to traditional stollen. The handy pieces in a weight range of 20 g to 40 g can be eaten in one bite and are ideal for fast consumption. In order to produce stollen confectionery, you only need a special blade cylinder for your MINI QUADRO ROUND, QUADRO FILIUS or PANE. A small investment that pays off in no time, because stollen confectionery is a very popular pre-Christmas finger food.

Would you like more information and ideas on how to expand your assortment with minimal technical effort? Your personal account manager will be happy to help you. Or contact us via WP Kemper. We would be happy to advise you!

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