3D printing for the baking industry

Special stamp as a small series or a particularly light metal component with wound channels: additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, opens up new possibilities. The specialists at Krause DiMaTec know how these can be exploited profitably in production technology for the baking industry.

In additive manufacturing, layer by layer, components are produced from powdered plastic or metal. This works without tools, is fast and allows new shapes that cannot be produced using conventional methods such as milling and drilling. Products and functions must be rethought and redesigned in order to realize these advantages in practice. This is the kind of pioneering work that Krause DiMaTec specializes in.

The smaller the lot size, the greater the cost savings – this is one of the strengths of additive manufacturing. At the iba 2018, Krause DiMaTec demonstrated at the WP BAKERYGROUP trade fair stand, how quickly individual stamp motifs can be manufactured from models of a bakery. For 3D printing, the companies belonging to the Horstmann Group are pooling their know-how across disciplines. This also includes the involvement of Krause DiMaTec and WP Kemper in “OptiAMix”, a research and development project initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany as part of the “Innovations for Tomorrow’s Production, Services and Work” program.

Krause DiMaTec generates added value for its customers by scrutinizing manufacturing situations that have not seen optimal solutions yet. In the so-called Quick Check, product programs are analyzed, fields of application for additive manufacturing identified, and their cost and benefit potentials evaluated. Krause DiMaTec develops and manufactures components and entire assemblies with the use of additive manufacturing, leveraging from its expertise in IT and mechanical engineering, and thus makes solutions possible that have not been conceived possible before.

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