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Optimisation of heat transfer, energy consumption reduction through coordinated processes, heat recovery options. Options for reducing operating costs in the area of energy.

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Constantly using energy sparingly is one of the most important starting points for running a production plant profitably. In the production process of a bakery, there are three areas in particular whose energy efficiency must be critically considered and permanently developed and fine-tuned: production planning, energy recovery and the use of energy. If you would like advice on these topics, please contact us.


WP BAKERY CONTROL – The digital production management

There are a number of adjusting screws that can be fine-tuned to plan oven and machine operations and optimise energy consumption: With WP BAKERY CONTROL, bakers have their production processes under control.


WP ENERGY RECOVERY – Concepts for energy recovery

Where energy is used, energy can be recovered – it‘s as simple as that. The main question here is efficiency. With WP ENERGY RECOVERY, we combine the best concepts according to the current state of the art.


WP ENERGY OPTIMIZING – Concepts for reducing energy consumption

Not all ovens are the same. And an old oven simply cannot be as energy-efficient as a new oven. Too much has happened in technical development in recent years for that. With WP ENERGY OPTIMIZING, we pull out all the stops to reduce energy consumption. It is always worthwhile to make a comparative calculation.




The use of all possibilities for independent energy generating and a critical chiuce of the preferred energy source co-decide for the success of a bakery. In the production process of a bakery, there are three main approaches to achieving a secure energy supply: Own energy production, own electricity generation and the choice of energy sources. If you would like advice on these topics, please contact us.


WP SELF-POWER-GENERATING – Producing your own energy

The greatest possible independence from energy suppliers is no longer a dream of the future. Under WP SELF-POWER-GENERATING we subsume a bundle of the most diverse possibilities, which are above all also sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient: photovoltaics, wind power, wood pyrolysis, utilisation of biomass.


WP COMBINED HEAT & POWER – Generating your own electricity

WP COMBINED HEAT & POWER is engaged in electricity generation through combined heat and power (CHP). Compared to photovoltaics and wind power, it has the decisive advantage of being able to supply a constant, weather-independent electrical output.


WP ENERGY SOURCES – The choice of energy sources needs to be carefully considered

A wide range of energy sources is available to supply a bakery and especially to heat the ovens. With WP ENERGY SOURCES, we monitor the multitude of possible alternatives and carry out permanently updated assessments for heating oil, natural gas, liquid natural gas LNG, liquid petroleum gas LPG, biogas, wood gas, hydrogen, electricity.



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