WP Highlights 2018

Innovative technology, digital trends, inspiring solutions

2018 was dominated by the iba. The meeting place for the international bakery industry has never been as trendsetting as it was this year. Let’s take a look back at the many interesting topics on which we will keep working next year.


Experimental space for the baking academy

The Akademie des bayrischen Bäckerhandwerks invested EUR 15 million to renovate its rich-in-tradition educational institution at the Lochham location. What's new is the so called “experimental space” so far no other crafts school can call its own. At the first seminar on the topic “Roll Baking Systems – the right-hand man of artisan bakers”, participants were given the exclusive opportunity to test the WP SELECTA MODULAR roll baking system and the WP MATADOR STORE Colour Edition instore baking oven.


iba award for the THERMADOR TH tunnel oven

As a highlight of German engineering, the WP THERMADOR TH tunnel oven was granted the international iba award for innovation.

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Fat baking system full of superlatives

With a length of up to 14 meters, the Largo is the world's longest fat baking system. It also impresses thanks to other peak values.


KROMix wins iba trophy

Processing large quantities of dough in semi-industrial bread and bread roll production faster: the new KROMix makes it possible by combining continuous mixing with dosing and batch mixing. This smart idea was awarded the iba trophy by an independent jury.


Bakehouse 4.0

Digitization is also finding its way into bakehouses. Michael Euler, Managing Director of WP Kemper, provided information about this exciting topic in an interview with Bayern 3.


WP Donut Days

Powdered in white, colorfully sugared, with or without filling – imagination knows no boundaries when it comes to donuts. In America, this bakery item has been at the tip of everyone’s tongue for decades, and is increasingly popular around the world. The Donut Days at WP Kemper, that take place on a regular basis, are ample proof of this development. Right at the beginning of the year, 36 visitors from twelve countries were able to witness how donuts and mini Berliners are produced on the WP Donut line.


3D printing for the baking industry

Special stamp as a small series or a particularly light metal component with wound channels: Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, opens up new possibilities which can be exploited profitably also for the baking industry.


WP Future for increased efficiency

Automation technology is the key to greater efficiency. We develop innovative solutions also by actively participating in many research projects. Examples of the results achieved include the COMJET with WP Robot, which, for the first time, features a robot for high-precision cutting of lye-treated baked goods, and the ViControl optical product monitoring, which permanently monitors processes thanks to its intelligent sensor systems. In this way, the amount of scrap in production is reduced.


iba trophy for the digital E-NSTRUCTOR

In the era of digital transformation, life-long learning is an important success factor, also for employees in the bakery trade. The new e-learning tool from WP Bakery Technologies manages this workplace-related, and tailored to the employee’s respective level of knowledge.



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