WP Highlights 2017

Top-quality tools and equipment

Bread is Bernd Armbrust’s passion. In his TV baking show “Bernd and Bread” and also in his own bakery, he presents unique creations using unusual ingredients such as roasted wasabi peas or Japanese seaweed. When it comes to technology, however, he does not like to experiment but relies on tried-and-tested solutions. He replaced his more than 50 year old WP MATADOR with a newer WP model this year – always true to the motto: Artisan bakeries require top-quality tools and equipment.


Saving energy

Industrial large-scale bakeries require hundreds of kilowatts of energy. The heat recovery system from WP Industrial Baking cuts this enormous consumption as it uses heat from the previously wasted exhaust air. This reduces operating costs and is environmentally-friendly.



No down payment, no repair costs, optimum service – and all this at a fixed monthly rate. All-inclusive rental makes it possible, available as of this year for every device and system from WP Riehle.


World record cordon bleu

The longest cordon bleu in the world weighs 140 kg and is 41.665 m long. This world record beauty was produced “non-stop” using the DLA continuous deep fryer from WP Riehle.


Gluten-free bread

The demand of gluten-free bread is on the rise, and so is the need for an automated production. Whether dark breads, mixed grain breads or whit breads – WP Haton is among the leading suppliers of machines and systems for processing gluten-free and low-gluten dough with maximum quality.


Industry 4.0

Experienced bakers can tell good dough from poor dough by its consistency alone. Together with scientists from Paderborn University, WP Kemper succeeded in developing an intelligent mixer that can substitute this human know-how. The prototype can process 50 to 80 kg of wheat dough.


Smart Process Solutions

WP Pizza, WP Donut, WP Toast and WP Biscuit – those were the predominant topics that kept the industrial confectionery and bakery industry occupied at the Interpack 2017. Under the trade fair motto “Smart Process Solutions”, the WP BAKERYGROUP demonstrated technical expertise and pioneering solutions at the largest packaging trade fair in the world.


Wide variety

Nowhere in the world can you find this many different breads than in Germany – produced by bakers who cultivate tradition and combine it with state-of-the-art technology. WP has significantly contributed to the industry’s technological advancement since 1879.



Be it stylish red, bright yellow, fresh green or a bakery store’s custom color – the WP MATADOR STORE showed its colorful side at the Südback 2017. The enameled surfaces of the instore baking oven are available to preference in countless RAL colors.



Streaming available

Online-Seminar: Batards with the PANE