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Around 700 exhibitors, six exhibition halls, 65,000 m2 of exhibition space – the Südback once again offered the baking industry in German-speaking and neighboring European countries a broad spectrum. Representatives from politics and associations of the baking and confectionery industry traditionally use the official tour of the fair on the first day to obtain information on current trends.

In view of digitization, which is also becoming increasingly important for the baking industry, the delegation headed by State Secretary Friedlinde Gurr-Hirsch (Member of the State Assembly) showed particular interest in the first fully digital mixer. Dr. Michael Euler, managing director of WP Kemper, presented the KRONOS digital, the prime example of digitization.

Up to now, bakers use their know-how to check whether the dough has reached the desired state to end the mixing process. “For many businesses, it has become increasingly difficult to find trained expert staff, which makes it all the more difficult to achieve a continuously consistent and standardized dough quality, especially in view of fluctuating qualities of raw materials,” explained Dr. Euler. The KRONOS digital offers an intelligent automated solution for this.

The mixer is equipped with sensors and collects important data during the entire mixing process, directly in the dough or indirectly via the control. These provide information about the dough condition, based on temperature profile, viscosity, and stiffness of the dough, and many more. This knowledge enables the mixer to independently set the optimal mixing and kneading times to match the dough properties, and stops the mixing process exactly at the desired time. Operation of the digital mixer could not be easier: simply select the desired recipe and start the process, and the entire mixing and kneading process runs fully automatically.

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