New PUNCHO hole puncher wins Südback trophy

Part of the Südback tradition is that pioneering novelties, innovative concepts and solutions for the bakery trade are awarded with the DBZ trophy. PUNCHO, our newly-developed hole puncher, won the prestigious award this year.

PUNCHO is the new module for your SELECTA MODULAR and MULTIROLL bread roll systems. It allows you to expand your assortment with perforated small bakery items in a weight range of 40 g to 80 g in artisan quality – using only a single system! The wide range of products includes stamped and cut or smooth round rolls, as well as long-rolled and perforated products.

The newly developed hole punching cups in the system’s stamping cup unit, which have been applied for patent, are unique. This is where the punching takes place. PUNCHO uses the existing revolver stamping head and other applications, making it a particularly cost-efficient solution for you. The changeover of your system requires only few steps and no more than 15 minutes. After when the work is done, the blue hole punching cups can be hygienically cleaned, simply in the dishwasher.

“With this technology, we want to support artisan bakeries to stand out positively from their competitors. Therefore, we developed the PUNCHO hole puncher as a modular system. This makes it easy to expand an existing system and to add high-quality perforated baked goods to the range of products,” explained Jürgen Horstmann, Managing Partner of WP BAKERYGROUP. The DBZ trophy was accepted by Dr. Christoph Adams, Technical Manager at WP Bakery Technologies, together with Frank Blümel, Design Engineer Dough Dividers and Bread Roll Systems, at the award ceremony at the Südback trade fair in Stuttgart.

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