New: MULTIMATIC Pro and Vario

From small baked goods to breads: the new MULTIMATIC Vario is the right divider and moulding machine for an extraordinarily broad product range. The new dough dividing unit can be exchanged very easily. The number of rows can be changed equally effortlessly. Producing different weights more flexibly is hardly possible.

From one to five-row:  the MULTIMATIC Vario offers maximum weight flexibility at a constant hourly dough capacity thanks to its easy-to-exchange dough dividing unit. For the first time it is possible to keep the total output of the machine at the same level even when reducing the number of rows. Thanks to its large weight range from 25 g to 600 g, the MULTIMATIC Vario divides and moulds a very broad product spectrum. Each row of the MULTIMATIC Pro can be blocked separately.

Both the MULTIMATIC Pro and the MULTIMATIC Vario feature a new, patented dividing system. This offers several benefits at once:

  • less power is required in the dividing process
  • the dough is divided more gently thanks to the low filling pressure
  • the dough can be weighed out even more accurately and homogeneously.

The newly developed VP 200 pre-portioner is another equipment component upstream of the MULTIMATIC head machine. The pre-portioner reduces the dough pressure from the hopper so that the conditions for the dough remain permanently constant. This results in an especially gentle, weight-accurate dividing process. The hopper can be retrofitted and has a holding capacity of up to 200 kg. It can be moved laterally for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The pre-portioning hopper can be ergonomically loaded using a tipping lifter.

See the benefits for yourself. We will present the MULTIMATIC Pro to you at the WP BAKERYGROUP trade fair stand during the Internorga 2019 in Hamburg. We look forward to your visit.


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