Day of German bread

Nowhere in the world can you find such a variety of bread than in Germany. More than 3,000 different types to choose from. Produced by bakeries that pass down the knowledge from one generation to the next, that cultivate tradition and combine it with state-of-the-art technology.

It is because of the many different types of grain and flour in Germany, and the machinery equipment in the bakehouses that bread can be produced in so many different ways. Since 1879, WP has significantly contributed to the advancement of technical progress.

Werner & Pfleiderer launched the first mixer on the German market, and revolutionized oven technology of the time with the first deck oven. The WP MATADOR has epitomized reliability and is considered by bakers the best oven for baking bread.

In breadmaking, artisanal bakeries rely on the outstanding WP technology of:

Mixing: the KRONOS and TITAN spiral mixers deliver optimal, reproducible mixing results thanks to the special 3-zone mixing principle.

Dividing and moulding: the IMPERATOR CT II bread dough divider and the COMPACT BREAD BAKING SYSTEM with their extremely gentle dough processing, the high weight accuracy and an optimal moulding result, are typical examples of perfect technology from WP.

Loading: the semi-automatic PAGE loading system saves effort, time, and energy as well thanks to optimum oven utilization.

Baking and instore baking: baking without compromise – that is what the WP MATADOR and the WP MATADOR STORE Green stand for. They guarantee premium quality baked goods that clearly stand out from any industrially produced goods, both in production and in the shop.

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