Südback 2019

140 years of innovative
bakery technology from WP

Innovative by tradition – this is certainly true of the WP BAKERYGROUP. For 140 years, we have been manufacturing machines with which bakers all over the world produce outstanding bakery items. 140 years is quite an achievement, considering that only 8 percent of all medium-sized companies in Germany are more than 100 years old. We are proud of the fact that our customers have been placing their trust in us for such a long time. All the more reason for us to look forward to presenting you with tried-and-tested technology and pioneering innovations in our anniversary year at the Südback in Stuttgart from 22 to 24 September 2019.


Focus on trend topics

Our anniversary year is, above all, a reason for us to look to the future. Our focus is on pioneering solutions for our customers so that you can produce ever better baking quality increasingly economically. How? This is what we will be presenting to you at the Südback with the focus in our anniversary year on the following topics:



The pioneering KRONOS spiral mixer that independently stops in its KRONOS digital version the mixing process at the optimum point in time, and thus ensures reproducible high dough quality at all times.

Gentle production
from the dough strip

We have developed the PANE dough strip system to achieve an almost infinite product variety. Be it round, square or long-rolled bread rolls, ciabatta or bread: you only need one system!

Efficient production of
classic small baked goods

Flexible, precise and gentle production. From one to five-row:  the MULTIMATIC Vario offers maximum weight flexibility at a constant hourly dough capacity thanks to its easy-to-exchange dough dividing unit.


Quick and good
lye application

The ALLROUND can apply lye efficiently and with maximum quality to up to 400 trays per hour, which makes it the fastest in its class.

The very best
baking quality

WP ovens set maximum standards. In the 1950s, the legendary WP MATADOR revolutionized work in bakehouses, and is today considered the epitome of excellent deck ovens all over the world.

Dividing with
great weight accuracy

The V 700 SR CleanTec industrial dough divider divides special dough for large breads with great weight accuracy.


artisan quality

In the new IDA continuous deep fryer, industrially produced Berliners achieve excellent artisan quality.


The new ROTOTHERM Green Heavy Duty provides double output and ample space for large production quantities.

Gentle and
efficient cooling

With its gentle and efficient cooling, the WP VACUSPEED stands for quality, economic efficiency and stability of the baked goods.


Experience of highest
baking quality

Rose rolls, foccacia and croissants are baked live and with maximum quality on the SELECTA MODULAR and the PANE.

Inform and

Conscious nutrition with the production of healthy, gluten-free bakery products. We will inform you about these special topics!


Our secret of success: “think process!”

In 1879, Hermann Werner and Paul Pfleiderer laid the foundation of today’s WP BAKERYGROUP. It all began with a mixing machine. However, the visionary entrepreneurs soon made the wise decision to manufacture all the machines needed in a bakery themselves. That’s when the idea of “think process!” was born. It has been our group of companies’ entrepreneurial guiding principle to this very day, and makes us one of the leading international suppliers of machines and systems across the entire process chain – for artisanal bakeries just as well as industrial large-scale bakeries.