Open Kettle Fryer L2000A+ VARIO
Open Kettle Fryer L2000A+ VARIO

Open Kettle Fryer L2000A + VARIO

Fully automated Open Kettle Fryer to meet the highest demands.

The dough pieces are dumped into the fat using dumping trays without felt and the steam lid closes when a button is activated and provides a larger volume for the dough pieces. Ten frying programs, each with four potential individual frying times, provide the automated frying process. An audible signal sounds just before the end of frying. The frying or turning basket is removed from the fat automatically when the frying time has ended and remains suspended above the fat pan to allow any excess fat to drip back into the fat pan. The W-tray is rolled under the frying basket from the drain trolley on the side. The finished fried pastries are dumped onto the W-tray and pulled back onto the drain at the side.


  • Automated, tightly closing steam lid for a large volume
  • Digital heater for precise temperature control and minimum fluctuations for lower usage of fat
  • Cyclical heating to prevent any burning of the fat
  • Lockable castors and movable castors without any surcharge
  • Alarm standard without any surcharge
  • 10 frying programs with up to 4 individual frying times
  • Manual and automated operation possible
  • Automatic mode for uniform results
  • Turning in the fat for a uniform dough piece temperature and a reduced usage of fat
  • Automatic removal of the basket from the fat at the end of the frying cycle
  • Fat monitoring unit to monitor the running time of the frying fat
  • Extensive range of accessories
  • Own service team and service support on the telephone


  • Optional fermentation chamber with inbuilt water tank
  • Integral fat filter during operation - turning basket (4-row and 6-row)
  • Dumping trays (4-row and 6-row)
  • Fermentation trolleys (8-tray and 9-tray)
  • High trolleys (16-rack, 18-rack and 20 rack) - flat frying basket
  • Frying basket for spätzle (a speciality from Southern Germany made by boiling small lumps of dough)
  • Frying basket with retaining lid for submerged frying
  • Cruller tray
  • Sugar vat with tilting bottom
  • Mobile fat filter
  • Riehle extraction hoods


  • Quark balls
  • Quark rings
  • Berliner
  • Donuts


  • 30-60 pcs./baking process

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