Continuous open kettle fryer DLA 150
Continuous open kettle fryer DLA 150

Continuous Open Kettle Fryer DLA 150

Automated continuous Open Kettle Fryer for submerged and floating frying.

The automated dosing unit doses quark balls, doughnuts, crullers etc. automatically directly into the fat. The transport conveyor with submerging belt guides feeds quark balls, for example, submerged through the fryer and automatically removes them at the end. This results in a reduction in the frying time by approx. 40 %. The transport conveyor with one or two turns allows crullers or doughnuts, for example, to float through the fryer, automatically turning once or twice and then removes them automatically at the end.

  • GreenEnergy – minimal Energy, maximal Efficiency
  • Smart Control – easy and standardized operation for WP machines
  • CleanTec – Machines with hygienic design


  • Continuously adjustable frying time
  • Digital heating control for a constant temperature
  • Reduction in working and frying time by approx. 40 %
  • Uniform frying result
  • Easy cleaning with tool-free removal of the transport unit and heater vailable in different frying lengths


  • Conveyor with submerging belt for submerged frying e.g. quark balls
  • Conveyor with 1 or 2 turns for float frying e.g. doughnuts and crullers
  • Automated stamp dosing with exchangeable stamps
  • Extensive range of stamps for a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Further extensive range of accessories
  • Maintenance agreement


  • Quark balls
  • Quark rings
  • Berliner
  • Donuts

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