Seeding unit DECOSEEDER

Automatic seeding unit

After moulding the moulded dough pieces are sprinkled with seeds and rolled in a bed of seeds by means of the extended top moulding belt. A photo eye detects the dough piece and gives the seeding unit an impulse.

After a dough bed of seeds is portioned on the belt, seeds are rolled in the dough by a top moulding belt. The non-used seeds are transferred back to the decoration container through a small gap between the decoration- and the discharge belt with the help of a cross conveyor belt and a vacuum system.

The decorated dough pieces are transferred straight and discharged to the panner conveyor or any other means of transportation such as a freezer belt or curved conveyor.


  • Can be used in industrial bread lines for seeding dough pieces after final moulding
  • All common seeds can be used
  • Belt width 600 mm

    Basic execution:

    • Frame stainless steel
    • Stainless steel undercarriage with 4 fixed feet
    • Independent drive
    • Synthetic belting
    • Decoration belt
    • Top moulding belt extended and adjustable in height
    • Teflon coated side guides (optional)
    • Gap for reclaiming access of decoration material
    • Discharge conveyor to transfer the decorated dough pieces in the tins
    • Decoration discharge conveyor towards collection container
    • One decoration container. Extra containers optional.



    • Teflon coated side guides
    • Extra containers
    • Twister Swing Away
    • Water spraying unit on top belt of moulder
    • Customer specific Blue Box


      • Seeding dough pieces


      • max. 4,200 pcs/h (depending on dough weight)